An Easy, No-Sew, Do-It-Yourself Way to Change Your Pillows

It’s nice to have versatility in your home décor; to switch to a new color or accessory when you’ve grown tired of the one you have. Of course, buying new accessories every time you change your décor gets expensive after a while!

If you are itching for something new in your space but don’t want to invest the money, try some DIY projects that will both give you a sense of accomplishment and re-use the things you have to make something new, like this pillow:

No-Sew Pillow Case

You love your throw pillows, but you are tired of the color. You don’t sew and you don’t want to spend money on new pillows—how can you get the new look you want? 

This no-sew pillow case might be just the trick you’re looking for, and you can do it with the throw pillows you already have! Read on to find out how. 

Step #1: Assemble the required tools.  You might be surprised how little you need for this project: the pillow you want to re-cover and a piece of fabric cut to 3 times as wide, 2 times as long as the pillow. That’s it!

Step #2: Put the pillow in the very center of your fabric. In a way, you’re going to wrap this pillow a little like a gift, so starting out in the middle will give you an equal amount of fabric on all sides.

Step #3: Fold the bottom up onto the pillow and the top down to meet it. The two sides should overlap a bit.

Step #4: Fold the corners on each side down into a triangle. This should look justas if you’re wrapping a present.

Step #5: Bring the two sides to the middle and tie them in a square knot. This will hold the pillow case together firmly while still looking decorative!

That’s all there is to it—do this on a few of your throw pillows with some new fabric, and suddenly your couch will look made-over!