Housekeeping Storage Solutions for Your Garage

4417 101413 gs4417The garage is not just for your car, and there are plenty of simple ideas to make it a useful storage space. Installing one or more of these is a convenient way to keep housekeeping, seasonal and other belongings stored in an organized manner. They also have the added advantage of freeing up space in the rest of your home for other purposes. Some of the best ideas to consider include the following.

Overhead Racks

These are a practical idea for making use of a space that may otherwise be wasted, with overhead racks available in a few styles. There are those that are permanently fixed to the ceiling and may require the use of a stepladder to get to the stored items. There are others that can be raised and lowered using a pulley system to make them more convenient. In either case they keep belongings out of the way in an overhead location.

Wall Racks

These are typically shelving units that are fixed to a wall to keep them secure. However, it is also possible to find freestanding units if space is available to install them away from a wall. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any garage space and the shelves can easily be used to store a variety of items.

Storage Cabinets

These can provide a tidier look for a garage, with the contents hidden from view when the doors of the cabinet are closed. Most have shelves fitted inside although it is possible to find some that also have drawers.

Wall Pegboard System

This is a board fitted to a wall in the garage that has holes in which pegs can be placed. The pegs can be fitted where needed to provide a suitable arrangement for hanging cleaning equipment, garden tools, and other items. The convenience of this idea is that it can easily be set up to exactly suit a homeowners storage needs.

Storage Bins

These plastic or metal containers are an easy way to organize items. Simply label the bin with the contents it holds to make them easy to find when needed.

The garage can easily be used to keep many of your belongings safely and securely stored, with the ideas above being some to consider for this. Let The Maids of North Andover help you keep this space and the rest of your home tidy, clean, and hygienic. With your housekeeping supplies conveniently stored in your garage and ready for use, we can complete the job quickly and efficiently to help with your household chores.