Cleaning Priorities: Where to Focus for Thanksgiving Guests

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you already have a long list of things to do, including house cleaning! Hiring a maid service is the best option, but if you are tackling it yourself, prioritize the areas your guests will spend the most time in:

The Dining Room. Whether it’s your dining room table, kitchen bar, or another room in the house, cleaning the area where your guests will be eating is the first priority. They will likely spend much of their time in this room, so put effort into making it look wonderful.

The Kitchen. When food is cooking, people tend to follow their noses and migrate toward the kitchen. It can be a warm, fun atmosphere, but you definitely want to make sure it’s clean. Clean out the sink of all dishes before guests arrive, and then wash dishes as you go.

Wipe down counters, put away things you aren’t using to leave more counter space. Clean as you go, wiping up spills and throwing away trash while you cook. Doing this will ensure you have a beautifully clean, inviting kitchen for your Thanksgiving guests.

The Bathroom. One of the most important rooms in the house to clean for guests is the bathroom, so make sure it meets your standards! Sweep and mop the floor, clean the counters and sink, and clean the bathtub and toilet. Make sure there’s a clean towel and plenty of toilet paper available. It’s a simple task, but one that will create a surprisingly big impact on how people remember your home.

Don’t worry about the bedrooms too much unless you intend to leave the doors open of invite people into them. If your kids will have company, too; ask them to clean their rooms up in advance, and help them by making the bed if necessary.

Wherever your friends and family gather, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!