Four Window Treatment Options for Your Home

Window treatments are a great way to complete a design in a room, but all of the information about the different types, designs, and lengths can be a bit much to process when you’re just looking for simple answers.

The more information you have, though; the easier it will be to make a decision, so here’s a look at four common window treatment types:

Drapes. These long, straight curtains are classic, but there are ways to do them right and wrong. Don’t be afraid of sheer or bold colors to set off the room, but be careful about placement.

Drapes should be hung higher than the actual top of the window both to keep the drapes from dragging the ground (they should touch but not drag) and to make the room look taller and therefore bigger.

Roman Shades. Roman shades are sleek and modern and extremely popular. They come in a variety of colors and textures and a few differing styles. You can even have them automatically roll up and down with the push of a button. 

Sheers. Sheer curtains are actually a great way to bring natural light into a smaller or darker room while still providing some privacy and coziness. Try a sheer in a darker color or with a pattern for something a little bolder than traditional whites and yellows.

Bamboo Blinds. Natural colors and textures are extremely popular right now, and bamboo blinds are a great way to bring this look into your home. They provide a soft, relaxed presence and glow to any room, provide maximum privacy, and suit a lot of different styles.