Help You Save Energy with Lighting Products

You love your home and spend a lot of time cleaning, but just don't seem to be satisfied with the lighting levels in select areas. Most lighting in homes does not cover enough area for what you need. Some areas may require 100 or 150-watt bulbs, but most lighting in homes tends to be 60 watt bulbs. Your electric company loves that!
Perhaps it's time to consider upgrading your lights to fluorescent or L.E.D. lighting options. Fluorescent lights use much less energy and L.E.D. bulbs save even more, but are still evolving.

Depending on which type you replace those incandescent bulbs with; your savings depend on the type and watts.
Every single replaced incandescent bulb saves over 60% off of running that light. This would especially come in handy if you have lights that are on all the time or close to it. You can replace those 60 watt bulbs with 15 watt bulbs. On top of the awesome savings fluorescent light provide, you have different color tone output choices like daylight, bright white, natural, etc.
Another option includes L.E.D. (light emitting diode) bulbs. These bulbs save even more energy than fluorescent lamps. At the moment, there is not too many options or as much brightness or color tone as there is with fluorescent lamps. The good news is you can find various types of L.E.D. bulbs, including chandelier, flood lights, candle lamps, etc.