House Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Clean Shower


4997 101413 gs4997Depending on your shower setup, there are a few different tricks of the trade you can rely on to help keep your shower looking its best all the time! The following natural cleaners work wonders, and are better for your health and the environment.

Natural Shower Cleaning Products

  • baking soda (make a paste and scrub grout lines and caked on shampoo etc.)
  • vinegar (add approx. 1/4 cup to your spray bottle of water)
  • lemon juice (same as above)
  • Tea-tree oil (diluted in water add 15 to 30 drops to your spray bottle)

Of course, you can go down the "cleaning aisle" at the store, and spend a fortune on household products. This can irritate your skin, your eyes and your wallet. Instead, simply make up your own spray bottle solution and watch how amazingly clean your shower can become after just one use. Remember to label your spray bottle with permanent marker for safety.

Tea-tree oil is antimicrobial and antibacterial. It is excellent for mildew and black spots in your shower grout. Simply fill your spray bottle with water and add your essential oil at the end. Experiment to see how many drops you need; pure tea-tree oil is exceptionally powerful.

Wear Gloves

Even if you are relying on natural products to clean your shower and the entire bathroom (it's great to use one product to do all your cleaning!), it is still wise to don some gloves. The constant moisture can wreak havoc on your hands and nails. Protect yourself and keep a pair of reusable cleaning gloves under the bathroom sink.

Squeegee...Your New Best Friend

If it is the hardness of your water that is leaving all the white residue film on your glass shower doors, consider investing in a decent squeegee. You can pick one up at most dollar stores or home improvement centers. It will take a little getting used to...removing the excess moisture from the shower walls with just your towel on; however, the results are amazing! You will cut your shower cleaning in half by simply removing the excess water before it has time to dry.

Towel Dry

Use your lint-free towel to wipe off the faucet, the taps and the shower itself. If you get in the habit of leaving your shower dry, it will stay much cleaner.

As always, The Maids of North Andover are available to do the cleaning for you on those busy days, and they are just a call away.