Looking for a New Look? Try Baskets!

When you think about baskets, you probably think primarily about organizing or picnicking, but you can actually use baskets effectively as decoration. Just ask Leslie, blogger at Home on the Way, who uses baskets throughout her home.

If you aren’t sure what exactly to do with the baskets, she has some great suggestions for incorporating them into your everyday décor. Here are some tips inspired by her ideas:

Tip #1: Mix it Up. Create a depth of design by mixing up the styles and colors of the baskets you use in your home. When you shop for baskets, look for these three things:

  • Interesting weaves.
  • Dynamic textures.
  • Intriguing colors.

A basket with a large weave of dark and light reeds, for instance, might be something that appeals to your taste. On the other hand, a small, tight weave of darker strands might suit your style better.

Either way, mix up the types and style you use, and consider how they can be used in your home so that you love them and they look great!

Tip #2: Combine Baskets with Other Accessories. One of the best ways to use baskets is to put them alongside other items you want to display. For instance, you might create a centerpiece with a fruit-filled basket, a vase with a candle, and a colorful teakettle. 

You can also create one piece from a basket and something else. Leslie found a clear jug that fit perfectly inside of a basket to create a designer look she had previously seen for a much higher price at a home décor store.

Tip #3: Use Them Purposefully. The great thing about baskets is that you can use them for decoration while simultaneously making use of their primary purpose which is, of course; to hold things!

Use a basket to hold magazines in the living room or extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. Put a small planter with fresh herbs inside a basket and leave it on your table or kitchen counter.

What will you do with your baskets to create both purpose and design?