Removing Kids’ Marks Off of Your Wall

crayon-strokes-background-1013tm-bkg-655Creativity, while it is good, can sometimes be messy especially when kids are involved. And pens, crayons, and other art supplies can result in marks on your walls. These marks can mar the beauty of your home. So how do you deal with such marks? Read on to learn the steps to follow to keep your wall shiny and sparkling:

Pick a Cleaner

Crayon manufacturers often recommend using an automotive lubricant to get rid of crayon marks from the wall. Also, you may use a thick paste of water and baking soda. And sometimes, simple dish detergent and water will work.

Test the Cleaner

The cleaning product that you have chosen must be first tested on an inconspicuous spot, for instance behind the door. This is to ensure that it won’t harm your wall or destroy your paint when applied.


The next step involves applying the cleaning product to the stain. Take a clean cloth and gently rub marks with it. After that, wipe it clean. Take care not to rub too hard. If you do, you risk damaging the painted surface.

Rinse the Wall

In case some cleaner or marks are still visible, take a sponge soaked in a mixture of water and liquid dish soap and rinse the marks with it. Scrub in a round motion and rinse once more where necessary.

Ensure Art Supplies are Washable

It is important to check all markers and crayons that you buy to ensure that they are washable. Put all paints and permanent markers in safe place where kids cannot get them.

Buy an Easel

Purchase an easel or craft paper roll. It offers a fun alternative to walls it will obviously save you from cleaning work in future.

The above tips should have you cleaning kids’ marks off your walls in no time. However, if you would like assistance with your housekeeping, The Maids of North Andover would be happy to help!