Time to Replace Those Old Doorknobs

Just like anything else, door knobs wear out over time. The finish gets destroyed and the functionality of the handle set tends to wear out. Replacing the door knobs in your home can help make your housekeeping efforts look that much better. It doesn’t really work well when you wax an extremely rusted car. Your door handles are no different. The dings, the dents, the scratches, the fading of the finish, etc. affect the look. This is usually a good time to replace those old knobs on your room doors and your entry doors. It’s the chance to upgrade the beauty level and get a style you like too.

Swinging Arm Handle Knobs

This type of door knob is pretty popular, mainly because of its easiness to use and the convenience of using it. It is great for when you have your hands full, simply because it operates on a swinging arm structure. Unlike the traditional round knobs, this one has an arm. You drop it down and the door opens. So when your hands are full, you can use your arm or elbow to open the door, unless it is a lockset for your entry door. You would then need to unlock it first.

Assorted Shaped Knobs

There are numerous door knob styles that come in various shapes. The round knobs have different degrees of thickness. They are round from the top, but vary in depth on the side. Some have a complete ball shape all the way around, while others can look like a flattened ball. The oval knobs are like the flattened ball style, but in the shape of an oval.

Thumb Lever Locksets

When it comes to entry doors, thumb lever locksets add flair and décor to any lockable door. This type has a decorative, vertical handle that you wrap your hand around. It contains a thumb lever to open the door. This vertical structure lets you grab the handle and open the door with your thumb pressed down. Because of the style of knob, this lockset uses a deadbolt to lock your door. Most people do not mind that due to the nice, stylish flair it adds to their entry door.

In understanding the various types of door knobs and styles, you will be able to shop easier because you’ll know what you want. Above all, you will enjoy giving your doors a makeover and making your cleaning efforts look better! No rusty car getting waxed here.