Useful Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining your Plasma TV

00157-electronic-gadgets-vector-set-1113tm-v1A plasma TV, especially the larger models, are usually one of the most expensive items of home entertainment equipment people purchase. It is also the piece that gets the most use, for at least a few hours each day, which is why you will want to keep it performing at its best. If used wisely and given proper care, the average plasma TV can serve you for 10 to 20 years. The following are some useful tips to prolong the life of your plasma TV:

Secure it – It is important that place yourplasma TV on a solid and secure stand, or have it properly mounted on your wall or ceiling. It should be well positioned so that it is not knocked around, jolted, or tipped over.  

Give it sufficient breathing room – These TVs generate a considerable amount of heat, and if not properly ventilated, the electrical components may be at risk of going out. Proper venting guidelines are usually provided in the TV user manual.  

Keep it dry – Moisture from humidity, condensation, or spills can destroy your plasma TV. So avoid having liquids close to the TV, and ensure that the room is kept dry and free from extremely humid conditions.   

Keep it clean – Many manufacturers recommend the use of a micro fiber cloth to clean the TV. Cleaning fingerprints and dust from the screen is usually enough, but you can also use antistatic cleaners when necessary. You should not spray anything directly onto the plasma screen. Instead, spray the cleaner onto the cloth and use it to wipe the screen. Also, avoid using abrasive materials, like paper towels to clean your Plasma TV screen as they may damage it. 

Use a Surge Protector - You should also consider using a surge protector to protect your TV from power surges. A surge protector can be found at most home good stores. All your other home entertainment equipment should also be plugged into a surge protector to keep them from being damaged or destroyed by potential electrical surges.

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