Decorative and Functional Pieces for a Clutter-Free House

What’s your clutter weakness? Do you store clothes that don’t fit in awkward boxes or unorganized papers in messy stacks? Whatever your weakness, there is a solution for it, and it can be simple, decorative, and cost very little.

There are many tips and tools you can use to organize your home and make it decorative at the same time, like:

Baskets and Decorative Boxes

Everything from sheets and towels to toilet paper to craft supplies can be kept in baskets or boxes. Add a liner and find a great shelf, and you’ve got instant charm while keeping your clutter in check.

Cups for Small Items

For a few dollars, you could revolutionize the way you store small items in your kitchen, bathroom, and desk. All you need are a few stylish cups that are the right size for what you’re trying to store. For an extra stylish touch, put the cups on a complementary tray.

Hangers for Magzines

Sturdy clothes hangers and be used as magazine holders. Resist the urge to keep old issues, and use your hanger to keep newer titles in reach for anyone who has a second to glance through them.

Instant Shelf

An step ladder with flat steps can become an amazing shelf with just a few adjustments like paint or liners. Propped up against a wall, the dimension and depth make it an eye-catching addition.

For more details and pictures on these ideas and even more, visit Better Homes and Gardens