Turn Your House Into Your Castle

Have you ever imagined living in an amazing house decorated by professionals? If you have, this is some information you’ve been waiting for: tips and ideas from decorators of multi-million dollar houses.

Start making your home feel like a million bucks by getting the house cleaning done by experienced cleaning services, then take a look at these ideas inspired by the featured room ideas In Million Dollar Decorators from House Beautiful.

1. Bold Colors – Pinks, dark blues, and oranges. These colors are unmistakable and make a lasting impression. Think carefully when using these colors.

Dark colors on the wall can make a room feel smaller unless you move in some light furniture elements to help it pop. Pinks and oranges are often best suited to accessories and elements rather than room colors. 

2. Glamorous Elements – When you were a child, what did you imagine your room should have? A balcony? A bed with a canopy? A built in aquarium? Whatever your dream is, find a way to bring that element into your home. A touch of glamour can make any room look amazing.

3. Vintage Pieces – While you might not want to make the room feel like a vintage theme, a few vintage pieces can bring a sense of classic strength to a room.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces – In a bold move, try creating a rich, enjoyable room on your back porch or other outdoor space. Imagine enjoying the company of friends under the stars while still completely comfortable!

The biggest tip is to not be afraid to try something different. Dream big, start small, and eventually you’ll have a home that reflects your personality inside and out!