Have the Most Impressive Laundry

Have you ever held something soft and warm from the dryer and wished you could hold onto that warmth and freshness for a while? While the warmth will fade, the freshness can last longer than you think. Laundry is necessary part of house cleaning, but you can have the most fabulous laundry possible with just three tips!

>> Laundry genius: the vertical fold. This is my favorite tip and will rocket you right into the laundry genius category. Fold your clothes like you would if you were putting them on display in a store, especially your shirts, folding one sleeve behind, then the other, then folding the bottom up. Then—and this is the genius part—store them vertically in the drawer. Suddenly, you can see every shirt at a glance without digging through your drawers. It also saves an amazing amount of space in your drawers.

>> For the best smelling laundry, use baking soda. In the same way baking soda pulls odors from the air and leaves your refrigerator, room, or cabinets smelling fresher, it can do the same for your clothes. Add half a cup of baking soda to your next load of laundry, and enjoy the lasting freshness.

>> If you want super soft clothes, vinegar is the secret. In addition to all the amazing things vinegar already does, it’s also a natural fabric softener! Just like with the baking soda, add half a cup to your laundry for the softest clothes (and no vinegar smell, I promise!). The clothes that come out of the dryer will be hard to resist after the vinegar treatment.

There are always housekeeping chores you like more than others, but if laundry’s on your naughty list this year, maybe you will find a little more enjoyment from it with these tips!