Cleaning Before You Move: 5 Things You Might Overlook

Moving out of your house is a an adventure in time and stuff management already—you just don’t realize how many belongings you’ve accumulated until you try to categorize and box them all!

As if getting all of your things packed up, your new home ready, and all the accompanying paperwork aren’t enough, you have to throw in house cleaning, too. The best advice I can give you is to find a housekeeping service that has a moving in/out cleaning option.

If you do decide to clean yourself, don’t miss out on these five important places homeowners often overlook:

1. Air vents are so easy to forget—you get used to them just being there, doing their job, keeping you cool or warm as needed. However, they collect dust and can be a fire hazard.

Not only should you do a quick cleaning of your vents before you leave, you should also take a good look at the ones in your new house!

2. Ceilings & walls. You might not look up often, but someone looking to buy your house or moving in probably will. Try to see your house as if it weren’t your house, and clean the areas that need it, including the walls and ceiling throughout.

3. Doors collect dirt and fingerprints, especially if you have children running in and out of the house constantly. Take a few minutes to wipe down the door and get rid of that dirt collection.

4. Windows are notorious for waiting until the last minute to show you how badly they need to be cleaned. Get the jump on them and take out those smears and fingerprints before you leave.

5. Cupboards & shelves. Get on a chair and take a look at your shelves and in your cupboards, and you might be surprised by the collection of dust and crumbs accumulating in your cabinets! Clean them out before you move, and if you’re still trying to sell your house, change out the linings, as well.

Moving is hard enough already, so make it as easy on yourself as possible. Allow yourself to feel the excitement of your new home, as well!