Cleanup an Unused Room and Transform it Into an Office

268-101413-gs0268Many of us have some wasted space within our home. Areas full of clutter-filled boxes, old knick knacks and items we are meaning to mend, things to fix, things to donate and well, you get the idea. If you have that "storage" room that has accidentally morphed into the "junk collecting room" it is time to transform your space into a room you can use. Creating a home office is easier than you think!

Items For Your Office (You may be able to re-purpose from elsewhere around the house)

  • office chair
  • comfy chair
  • desk
  • filing cabinet
  • loveseat
  • sewing machine table
  • end tables
  • storage cubes
  • old kitchen table
  • random shelving
  • coffee table
  • white board or cork board

Defining Your Space

A home office serves a multitude of purposes. It can be your little getaway when family life gets noisy and hectic. It is nice to have an organized space to help maintain sanity. Make it a comfortable space by incorporating some of your favorite textures and colors. Having a soft throw and a comfy reclining chair can turn this room into your home library. Be creative! Additional ways to use your new office include:

  • quiet spot to read
  • private place to wrap Christmas and birthday gifts
  • place to display family art projects
  • place to keep and do all of your crafting projects or puzzles
  • place to organize and sort mail
  • order online goods
  • keep your calendar organized
  • write in your journal

Choose Your Palette Appropriately

If your office is a place to inspire creativity and where you plan on writing your best-selling novel, choose a color that inspires you. Consider having a bold feature wall to keep the energy revitalized! If it is supposed to be your calm place, choose a soothing palette instead.

Office and Spare Room

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your new office, make it as comfortable as you can. Incorporating comfortable seating or setting up the spare bed to lounge on is a great idea. Use a futon so you have seating by day and a spare bed by night! Pat yourself on the back for taking previously wasted space and transforming it to a haven you can use!

Give yourself that much needed extra time in your new office by hiring The Maids of North Andover for daily cleanup!