How Fast Can You Clean a House?

Have you ever timed how quickly you do your house cleaning? CNN and RealSimple have: 19 minutes is all you need. In 19 minutes, your house can be straightened up and ready to go—as long as you don't procrastinate before hand!

How likely is it that you can clean a house in that amount of time? This requires a test!

These are the tasks on the list:


  • Wash dishes/load dishwasher.
  • Wipe down sink and kitchen surfaces.
  • Sweep.


  • Wipe surfaces (including mirror and toilet seat).
  • Swish toilet bowl with brush.


  • Make bed.
  • Put everything away, including clothes and jewelry.
  • Straighten surfaces.

Living Room:

  • Wipe fingerprints off of surfaces.
  • Straighten up.
  • Vacuum crumbs off floor and furniture.

Setting the timer for 19 minutes and using what's on hand, this is the conclusion:

As long as the house is already mostly clean, 19 minutes to keep it fresh is completely doable. However, existing clutter, stains, and good disinfecting can't happen in this amount of time, especially in places that attract germs like the kitchen sink. At least once a week, every surface is going to need a little more attention and a thorough disinfecting.

If 19 minutes is all you have in a day but you still want your house to be as healthy and clean as possible, maid services are your best bet to hit every surface and banish germs. Come home to a clean, healthy home!