How to Get and Stay Motivated to Clean

One of the hardest things about house cleaning has nothing to do with the difficulty of the cleaning itself—instead, it has everything to do with motivation. Either it's hard to get started at all or it's hard to keep going.

There are a few things you can to help you stay motivated, and you can use one or all of these ideas at the same time! If time and motivation are both a problem, get cleaning services to come lend a hand.

Buy yourself a few cool cleaning tools. Whether it's a colorful apron that makes you feel right at home in the kitchen, gloves in your favorite colors, or a gadget that helps you out with little tasks, having something special to use just for cleaning will help you through the doldrums of the hard stuff.

Remember what it looks like. When you're looking at a living room covered in clutter and clothes waiting to be folded, the effect can be overwhelming. You can counter this by taking a picture when your house is really clean and looks just the way you want. Then, when you run into this overwhelming moment, take a look at the picture. You've gotten your house to that pristine state before—isn't that how you want to see it now?

Give yourself rewards. These don't have to be big rewards. Clean for 30 minutes, then reward yourself with 15 minutes of TV, your favorite book, the internet, video games, or a conversation with a friend. Splitting it up this way gives you a few minutes to relax and feel rewarded for your hard work—and it will help you work harder when you get back to it.

Make cleaning entertaining. Entertaining might be stretching it, but at least make it a little less monotonous! Crank up your favorite song and dance or sing as you clean. Turn on your favorite TV shows and keep up with it between tasks. Whatever you can do to help you keep going, the better!