How to Shampoo a Carpet in a Few Easy Steps

Advisably, the average floor carpeting requires a thorough cleaning every twelve to eighteen months. By opting for a professional carpet cleaner, you can avoid the chances of damage that is probable in do it yourself endeavors. However, a careful and informed undertaking can save you the extra cash. If you know how to shampoo a carpet you might also earn yourself a feeling of self-achievement.

Step 1: preparation

Clear all furniture and disruptive items from the cleaning area. This will not only make the cleaning process easier but will prevent common mistake number three. Once this is done, you can vacuum the carpet to remove dust and any lingering dirt. You can also use take on outstanding stains with the required stain removal procedures.

Step 2: cleaning

Prepare the carpet cleaning machine with water and shampoo according to its directions. After everything is set up, you can begin shampooing from one corner of the room. Move slowly up and down in parallel lines until you have covered the whole carpet. This allows the shampoo to work its way into the carpet fibers before being sucked back out into the machine. You can put in extra effort on stubbornly stained areas but be cautious not to over wet the carpet. You can cease shampooing the carpet once the cleaning water turns clear.

Step 3: finish

After the cleaning process is done leave the room clear or take the carpet out to dry. Only after the carpet is dry should you put the furniture and everything else back into place. 

Lest you forget, here are the three common mistakes that everyone who does not know how to shampoo a carpet should keep in mind.

  • Do not use too much shampoo or fail to adequately rinse it out
  • Do not use too much water that could shrink, discolor or soak into the bottom of the carpet
  • Do not forget to move the furniture out or they could damage the carpet