Tips to Reduce your Electricity Bill

The cost of electricity is constantly increasing, making it difficult for many households to keep up with their electricity bills.Fortunately, it is possible to lower your electricity bill by following s few simple tips. Below are simple tips to lowering your power bill.

Energy Efficient Lighting

You can start by replacing your standard bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which consume less energy.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Anotherimportant factor in lowering your energy bill is to use energy efficient appliances. You should replace old appliances with more energy efficient models. Some of the appliances that may need to be replaced include air conditioning, refrigerator, range, oven and microwave.

Service Your Air Conditioner and Refrigerators Often

Do regular maintenance on your air conditioning system. If your air conditioner has dirty filter, it has to work harder to keep your home cool, consuming a lot more energy. Servicing regularly also applies to your refrigerator, as its coils are supposed to be cleaned at least three times in a year in order to work efficiently.

Unplug Electronics and Appliances When Not In Use

First, there are many electronics and appliances in your house that consume power even when not in use. Some devices such as microwaves, TVs, computers and stereo systems consume low electricity even when they are off, so it will save energy if you unplug them when they are not in use.

You only need to make a few changes in your house and you will be able to reduce your energy bill. And if you really want to lower your bill for good, you can opt for clean energy solutions such as solar panels. The Maids of North Andover Massachusetts can assist you in cleaning your home, helping to keep dust a dirt from causing clogged air conditioners, or dirty appliances from running up your energy bill.