Is it Ok to Clean my Pet in the Same Tub that We Used to Clean Ourselves?

For many of us, our pets are members of our families and as a result we treat them as such. They live with us, eat with us, sleep with us and therefore should be able to get cleaned where we get clean. However, many people are unsure about whether this practice is hygienic; below I will dispel all myths and provide all tips and facts about whether it is fine to share your bathroom space with your pet.

The common fear is that because many people wash their pets only when they get absolutely filthy, harmful germs can be transferred from pets (especially dogs) to their owners. Pets have been known to carry tics, run through mud and dirt, and eat trash as well as their own feces. Would it then be more prudent to clean your pet in a separate tub preferably outside of your home? 

A question that people often ask in relation to washing their pets in their bathtubs is:

What if my pet has a viral and/or contagious disease?

This is a common question as well as a common misunderstanding. There are few to no diseases that can be transferred directly from a pet to a human. Therefore, there should be no fear that you will contract anything contagious from your pet. In the case that your pet is sick, you should immediately make sure that they are treated, and after they have taken a bath you can clean your tub with an antiseptic as a precaution. 

Though it is your decision on where the best place to wash your pet is, you should know that washing your pet in your bathtub is perfectly fine. It is actually proven that sharing your bathtub with a dog is more is more hygienic than sharing it with another human being. If there is dirt left in your tub after giving your pet a bath, wash your tub in the same way that you would if the dirt was left by you after you took a bath. Antiseptic and soap are more than enough to ensure a clean bathroom environment. So go ahead, and give your pet a bath in your tub.