Keeping Your Clothes Smelling Fresh in the Drawers and Closets

Wouldn't it be nice if when you put your clothing into a drawer or closet for a few weeks or even months, it smelt even better when you got it out again? Too often, people find that their drawers and closets leave their clothing smelling musty. Even worse, poorly-stored clothing can gather mold and moth-holes if stored in an inappropriate way. This is especially the case with seasonal clothing, like that cozy winter coat or that favorite summer dress, which are often worn for only a couple months each year and spend the rest of the time tucked away at the back of the closet. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to keep your clothing smelling fresh and clean whilst it is in your drawer or closet.

Firstly, make sure your drawers and closets are clean! Take all of the clothing out, and take a good look at your closet and chest of drawers under a bright light. Do you see any dust, grime, or patches of mold? These can transfer onto your clothes and leave them physically damaged at worst, and smelling old and musty at best. Give the closet and all your drawers a thorough clean with a soft cloth and some antibacterial cleanser. Add a touch of essential oil (a fresh citrus or pinewood scent is my favorite!) to the water when you do so, and as you clean your drawers and closet you will also be rubbing a scrumptious scent into the wood. If there is a lot of mold in your closet, though, it's probably best to throw it out and get a new one. The expense will be worth it, as it is much better and cheaper than having to throw out all your mold-damaged clothes in a few months’ time.

Next, lay some scented drawer liners in your drawers and the floor of your closet. These are like little pieces of tissue paper imbued with a lovely scent that lasts for years. You can get them in pretty designs for extra effect! The scent will transfer to your clothing and the air in your drawers and closet, creating a delightful atmosphere. If you are leaving certain items (such as woolen jumpers) in the drawer or closet for a long time, it is worthwhile placing a small bag of lavender inside them to keep them smelling fresh throughout the year.

Now you are ready to store your clothing in your drawers and closet, safe in the knowledge that it will stay smelling fresh.