Kids and the Fun Activities They Enjoy

When the kids are home for the summer or the holidays many parents have to find ways ensure that their kids have fun and do not get bored. It is important to remember that kids, especially younger kids, have short attention spans and can easily get bored. There are many fun ideas that can keep kids happy and entertained, while avoiding being absorbed in television and game systems. Below are a few ideas to try:

Pirate Play

The Pirate phenomenon has taken over the imagination of most kids. With a few plastic swords bandannas, an adventure can begin. Also, a treasure hunt can be created simply by wrapping some items in aluminum foil and hiding them around the house. Then the kids can go hunting for the treasure. Make sure to hide the blocks in places that are easy to find in order to keep the kids from losing interest.

Creating a Racetrack

Another great idea is to place a red tape on the floor so that your kids can have ‘roads’ for toy cars to drive on.You can easily remove the tape when they are done.


With a few empty bottles and a rubber ball you can transform your home into a bowling alley. The kids can take turns trying to hit the bottles with the ball, rolling it in the same manner as you would at the bowling alley. If the bottles fall over too easily then you may need to add some water, sand, or rice to make them more secure. This can be a very fun game, while saving money.

After all the playing is done, you may find that your home is a little messy. Or maybe you would like to spend more time with your children and less time cleaning. If you are in the North Andover, Massachusetts area and would like help in maintaining your home, The Maids of North Andover can assist you.