Lemon Lime Cleaning Spray

Lemon lime cleaning spray is a general spray that combines the power of three efficient green cleaning elements. These elements include limes, vinegar and lemon. This spray can be used in your house at the kitchen, bathroom. The lemon cleansing spray has a very good scent and the ingredients used to make it are biodegradable and cheap which sterilize and cleans naturally.

How this spray work

The low PH it has due to lemon, vinegar makes it create unfriendly environment for a variety of microorganisms to develop. This makes it good at fighting germs while you clean-up with it. The acidity nature of limes, vinegar and lemons help to loosen mineral deposits such as calcium and dissolve soap froth because of their alkaline nature.

The lemon cleansing spray also remove stains such as those caused by tea and coffee making it good for washing kitchen sinks.

How use the lemon lime cleaning spray.

  • Slice some cleaning clothes from an old clothe into pieces and use one of the piece to twist the lime and lemon pulp.
  • Use a citrus juice extractor which is hand held. Press the lemon or lime directing it towards the drainage holes to ensure that the essential oils that have bacteria and are antiseptic are released from the rid when it is compressed. 
  • Allow the spray settle for some time to ensure an efficient cleaning job. This will give this spray some more time to work before cleaning with a brush. This enables it to clean up the minerals which accumulate around fixtures and in the shower.
  • Use it with some baking soda for more rubbing action. Apply baking soda in the shower, toilet and in the sink and then use the spray to moisten it to create a paste. Allow it to set for some time and then clean away with a sponge.

When using this spray one should be very careful because vinegar causes irritation when it gets into contact with one’s eye. In case it sprinkles in to the eye one should wash out it out with water for some minutes.