Tips for Reducing Your Food Expenses

1390-112013-120305 dollar 01If there is one thing that most people find a hard time accomplishing, it is saving money on food. However, it is not as hard as it seems. Below are a few tips for saving money on food:

Store Your Meat Properly

Fresh meat and meat productsare the most expensive foods that you purchase. It is important that you store your meat properly to avoid wasting food due to spoilage or freezer burn. Fresh meat that is not used the day of purchaseshould be frozen to avoid spoilage. You can freeze fresh meat in the store packaging it comes in; however, there is a risk of freezer burn occurring. To avoid this, invest in a food vacuum sealer, which may seem expensive at first, but will save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Know Your Food’s Expiration Dates

How many times have you thrown away some food because you didn’t realize it was expiring soon? Always check your foods for expiration dates to ensure that you use them before they expire.

Save Leftovers and Avoid Allowing Them to Spoil

While you should only prepare enough food for your family to eat at one meal to make your pantry supply last longer, there may be leftovers. Do not ever simply throw them away! Store them in a sealed container and put them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. Make sure to reheat and consume them within the next 2-3 days to avoid having to throw them away because of spoilage. 

Plan Before You Shop and Purchase Sale

While there will always be time when you have to buy something simply because you run out, you should start planning your weekly shopping trips around sales at your local grocery stores. Purchasing multiples of items when they are on sale will save you from paying full price later on. Also, if you would like even more savings, pick up a couple of Sunday papers each week to get the included coupon inserts, and match up coupons with store sales for even more savings! But be sure to make a list before you shop, and stick to that list to avoid spending more than you intended. 

The key to saving money on food is planning before you make any purchases and making sure you store and use foods before they expire or spoil. And while you are busy saving money on your grocery bill, you may consider rewarding your effort by using some of those saved funds on hiring the wonderful house cleaning services of The Maids if North Andover, in Massachusetts.