Home Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

3081-101413-gs3081Everyone loves the look of a tidy, uncluttered kitchen, but keeping clutter under control can be a bit of a challenge. Kitchens are typically filled with stuff, from small appliances to pots, pans, and dishes, as well as other cooking and dining equipment and utensils. If tearing down your walls to increase shelf and cabinet space is not an option, then use the following ideas to optimize your kitchen storage options: 

Utilize Space Under the Sink 

With so many plumbing parts occupying the space under your kitchen sink, making this area useful can be quite a challenge. However, you can install stacking shelves, door racks, and tilting drawers to keep your cabinet organized.  

Make Use of Space Above Your Doorway 

The space above doorways is often overlooked, but you can make use of this free space by mounting a shelf above your kitchen door for storage. This shelf can be used to store things that are not used regularly, since you will probably need a step stool to reach it.  

Use Open Shelves in Your Kitchen 

Removing the doors on your upper cabinets can open up your kitchen, and make the room appear bigger. It also makes it easier to reach and store the items. 

Use Trays to Organize Items on Your Counters 

If you are short on cabinet space, you can leave some of your most used kitchen items on the counters, but make sure to leave the front half of the counter clear for use when preparing food.

Hang Some Items 

You can use removable hooks and wall holders to hang hot pads, paper towels, and other items on the exterior of your upper cabinets, where they don’t take up valuable space in your kitchen drawers or on the counter, and you can still access them easily. 

Use a Magnetic Knife Rack 

These racks are easy to install and incredibly useful, since they keep your knives in easy reach, so you don’t have to use counter space with a knife block or search drawers to find the right knife.

You may also consider using a hanging organizer to store pots and pans without taking up too much space. And while you are keeping your kitchen organized, let The Maids of North Andover, in Massachusetts assist you with all your housekeeping needs.