5 Things You Can Do Tonight To Make Tomorrow Better

Are you a victim of the morning rush? Sometimes, no matter how quickly you try to get everything done or how well you think you’ve planned, you still find yourself rushing out without your phone or while pushing kids with one jacket sleeve through the door.
Mornings are hectic anyway—everyone getting ready to leave at around the same time? It’s a recipe for chaos! Planning is good, but prevention is better. Start with a clean house so you can find everything without any problem. Enlist maid services to help with the house cleaning if you need to!
Once that’s done, prevent getting caught up in a morning whirlwind by trying these five things tonight before you go to bed.
1. Charge your cell phone. There’s nothing like waking up and realizing your cell phone is almost out of charge. That panic setting in? It’s normal. Prevent it by plugging in your phone overnight. Make it a habit, and you won’t ever have to worry about your phone.
2. Wash the dishes or load and run the dishwasher. Being greeted in the morning by a sink full of dishes will drain your morale in no time. Don’t let that be a problem—instead, load and run the dishwasher overnight or recruit your family to help you wash dishes after dinner.
3. Set out everything you need. Choose a good spot where things aren’t going to get knocked down or picked up and lost, and put everything there you’ll need in the morning: keys, clothes, jewelry, money, wallet, watch, belt—everything! If you have children, get them into the habit of doing the same thing in their own bedrooms.
4. Make lunches or check lunch money. If you regularly make lunches for you or your children, do these the night before. The morning will be so much easier if you don’t have to worry about putting together lunches. If you or your children buy lunch, double check to make sure everyone has enough money to prevent the sudden realization that you’re out of cash halfway through the door.
5. Set your alarm and check it. Twice. Nothing puts you behind schedule like waking up ten or twenty minutes late. Is it excessive to check your alarm two or three times before bed? Maybe, but not being late is worth it!
If you set up these habits and tailor them for your family, you’ll find your mornings a lot less hectic—you might even have time to eat breakfast!