Hide Them From the Kids: How to Re-use Cardboard Rolls

When you finish with the wrapping paper or a roll of toilet paper, you probably throw them out or let your children play with them, but they have more uses than you might have known. Keep one or two of them for yourself and turn them into house cleaning and organization helpers in ways that might not have come to mind before.

Wrapping Paper Rolls

You know that one area that’s impossible to reach with your vacuum? Maybe it’s behind your bed or beside the refrigerator, but you’ve tried the vacuum cleaner and a broom to no avail.

Wrapping paper rolls are the secret to getting into these nooks and crannies. Slide or tape on the tube to the end of your vacuum cleaner hose—you’ve just extended your vacuum into a wand! Those places are not longer out of reach for you, just use the tip of the wrapping paper roll as an extension of your vacuum.

Paper Towel Rolls

If you have certificates, legal forms, or other documents you want to preserve, roll them up and put them into a paper towel roll before storing. This will protect them from ripping, transference with other papers, and wrinkling. Of course, no one will blame you if you try it out as a spyglass first.

Toilet Paper Rolls

These can become a bit of a mess if the kids constantly manage to grab them out of the bathroom. You could easily find ripped toilet paper rolls throughout the house, so grab them before anyone else can and use them to keep your unused cords from turning into a tangled mess.

Before you store an appliance or a cord, fold it up and slide it into a toilet paper roll. It will keep the cord contained and a little safer from moisture or dirt, as well.

Re-using household items is a great way to be both efficient, cost effective, and environmentally-friendly—what a great combination! There are many ways to stay green while cleaning, including using maid services that utilize safer cleaning solutions.